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Monday, February 19, 2007


History has shown that men have always flirted with the idea of having more than one woman. With that being the case, is it possible that men are natural polygamist? Could this be the answer to men's constant pursuit of different women? Is this why men have difficulty with monogamy? Is it Nature, or is it Nurtured?


drea said...

I think that it is both. I think that alot of men are curious. If there was no such thing as commitment, I don't think it would be any. It is nurtured because it is a learned behavior from father to son, uncle, peers. I don't see where the problem is if it is a mutual decision. I think that it is a two way street. You cannot be selfish and think that it is a one way street. I think some people are born that way. Just like blonde hair and blue eyes. it may be genetic but that isn't a proven fact but neither is monogamy. that is so to speak tradition or culture in the states. it is all in what the individual believes.

genetics is a good thing said...

I never thought about it from this view point but it only makes sense, i guess the natural urge that come up inside me is genetics. I dont know if i'm a natural polygamist but I can easily see how such a question could be asked. I do believe that it's a bit of both but I favor the idea of it being nature this would excuse all my past behavior, ladies (smile) In the future I will be aware of my feelings when I approach the next woman I pursue.

Anonymous said...

Monogamy is fading....our liberal society is accepting of it more and more. from Bilbical times to now. Pologamy or getting with more than one woman at the same time is popular, encouraged, and nurtured. fathers tell their sons to treat dating like going into a candy shop....test each candy before settling on just one....heck! i like lemon drops and red hots, what do i do? i want both...then i buy both! the intresting thing about this is that Women can end Pologamy or being cheated on right now today! they have the Power....they just don't know how to use it.

"with great Power comes great Responsibility"